HCPA Events


HCPA welcomes visitors to 8 Race St anytime by appointment.  Call 610 266-0255 or 610 231-0603

Walking Tiours
Self guided walking are available using the Walking Tour guides available through this website.  
Guided Walking Tours featuring a local historian are available to groups of five or more at a cost of $10 per person.  An activity can be included for $20 each, which might include lunch, research session at the Library, beer tasting, concert in the park with refreshments, etc.  Contact Deb Mellish at 610 231-0603 to schedule.
Scheduled Guided Walking Tours that include an activity will be held thoughout the spring, summer, and fall.  Each Tour will feature a different part of Catasauqua and will be paired with lunch, dinner, tasting, or other activity. See below for the first scheduled event. 

The month of July features a program on the Breweries of Catasauqua.  Join us on July 4th after the Reading of the Declaration of Independence for a brew while checking out the bottle collections of borough residents.  We will also be open the third Sunday from 1-4pm.

July 30th will feature a Walking tour of the Upper Mansion District.  Meet at 5pm at the corner of 4th and Bridge St.  We will visit the homes on Fourth. Kurtz, and Howerrtown, between Bridge and Pine Sts.  Following the tour will be refreshments served in a local garden.  Call 610 231-0603 for reservations. Cost is $20 per person; call for family rates.

April Guided Walking Tour - Lower Mansion District
Join us on Sunday April 9th at 4PM for a walking tour of Historic Catasauqua follwed by dinner at Pies On Pizza. .This tour will cover the lower Mansion District bounded by Pine and Bridge and Second to Third, plus industrial activity near the corner of Front and Pine. We will cover the history of the homes and sites from early farming days, through industrial development of The Iron Borough, learning of the people who lived and worked here. 
We will begin the tour by meeting at Pies On Pizza at 4pm and walk through the nearby neighborhhod (we will not be going into homes). Bring your smart phone and follow along with our website resource. Following the tour, John will have dinner waiting for us at Pies On and a chance to chat and view old Sanborn maps of the area.
Ticket price is $20 and includes a $10 donation to HCPA and $10 for dinner. Reservations are stronly recommended as there is a limit on the size of the tour group. Call 610 231-0603 for reservations. Payment by cash or check (payable to HCPA) is requested; credit payment via Square will also be available.
This is the first of a dozen Walking Tours to be held this year, 2017, in Catasauqua. 

April Program:  Walking Tour for Sitters
Join us on April 11th at 7pm at 8 Race St for a tour of Catasauqua using our online Historic Walking Tours. Relax and share your memories as we track the history of our neighborhoods from their beginnings in the 1800s to today. Due to time constraints, we will choose which areas to "visit" based on the interests of those attending. Feel free to bring refreshments to share.

Summer Open House hours; 1-4pm  May 1-Sept 25, 1st & 3rd Sundays
During 2017, HCPA is partnering with the George Taylor House of Catasauqua on programs to be held the first Sunday of the month through the summer.  HCPA's programs for each month in 2017 will be as follows:
  • May 7:  DG Dery and the Dery Silk Mill of Catasauqua
  • June 4:  The Mansions of Catasauqua
  • July 2:  Breweries of Catasauqua
  • August 6:  The Bryden Horse Shoe Company
  • Sept 3:  The Crane Iron Works
Stop by during our regular open houses or schedule a visit for your group or family..

Fest O’ Fall: October 7, Saturday, noon to 5.

The next house tour will be in 2018.