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Electronics Recycling

Pursuant to law, electronics and similar items can no longer "be thrown out with the trash." Essentially, anything with a cord is included in this program. They must be properly recycled - and not as part of the Borough's standard recycling program. These items must be taken to an authorized recycling location. To help fund the program, suppliers of TV's and computer monitors have to subsidize the recycling of the same items to a certain financial level. Once that point has been reached, the consumers pay to recycle our appliances. As of late 2015 a nominal fee s imposed by the recyclers on all items brough to them. The link at the bottom of this page has a schedule of fees for many of the larger items that are recycled.  The schedule is not prepared nor controlled by the Borough.  It should be considered a guide only and residents are encouraged to call the recycler to inquire about current rates. 
It is our understanding that each year, there will be a period of time that the supplier's subsidy will cover the program costs. If so, then there may be a "free disposal period" again next year. Thank you for your participation and understanding.

Yard Waste Disposal

By now, most residents are aware that the Borough's yard waste disposal facility has closed. As a reminder and for those who were not aware of the changes, we have prepared a brief on the changes. It can be accessed below.

PPL Refrigerator Recycling

Below is a news article from the Morning Call about a program PPL is sponsoring to help replace old refrigerators.  We believe some of our residents may want to take advantage of this program.