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Borough Officials

Catasauqua operates under the Council/Manager form of government. The seven member Council is elected at large for overlapping four year terms. Under this form of government, Council establishes the policies and direction for the Borough.

The Mayor, also elected for a four year term, oversees the operation of the police department, among other duties.

The appointed Borough Manager sees that the policies are carried out and supervises the day-to-day business affairs of all departments of the Borough, except the police. The manager also serves as Borough Secretary.

The Treasurer, appointed by Council, accounts for all receipts and disbursements of the Borough. All expenditures outside of the borough treasury must authorized by the treasurer.

The Real Estate Tax Collector is an independent, elected official. The billing, collecting and recording of real estate taxes, and processing consumer requests for tax and payment information are among the duties.  The Borough Tax Collecter is James Delbertis, 20 S. 10th  Street, Catasauqua; 610-264-7126,

Borough Council

Borough Council has the power to enact ordinances and resolutions, authorize expenditures of Borough funds, enter into and ratify contracts and agreements, set the policy and goals for the borough, and all related tasks.

Council, through its committee system, reviews and considers citizen requests and input, plans programs and services for the general welfare and benefit of all residents, and works with the administration to develop recommendations. The committees report to the entire body of Council which then acts on the recommendation.

Members of Council do not have individual offices in Borough Hall. Mail for each, or all, of them can be addressed to 90 Bridge St. Catasauqua, PA 18032.

Boards and Commissions

Various boards and commissions support Council and help serve the community. These boards include the Board of Health, Catasauqua Borough Authority, Civil Service Commission, Code Hearing Board, Planning Commission, Police Pension Committee, Shade Tree Commission, Taxpayer Appeals Board, Vacancy Board and the Zoning Hearing Board.

At this time there is a vacancy on:
  • Shade Tree Commission
  • Catasauqua Borough (Sewer) Authority
  • Alternate to the Zoning Hearing Board
  • Alternate to the Civil Service Commission

If anyone is interested in filling a vacancy, learning more about any board or serving on them, please contact the Borough Manager during business hours at (610) 264-0571. What you do for the Borough by serving on one of these boards or commissions will be reflected in a Borough of which we can all be proud.