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Ordinances and Resolutions

Ordinances are the "laws" of a Borough. They require compliance and impose penalties for noncompliance.  Ordinances cover areas such as parking and traffic regulations, zoning, taxes, and other regulatory matters.  Because they impose requirements or restrictions on the citizens, ordinances must be advertised before they can be adopted. Only after they have passed, do ordinances receive a number.
Resolutions usually indicate a sense of Council. They also are used to set fees and charges, adopt the budget, and support or oppose projects and honor individuals.  Resolutions may be introduced at any time and do not require advertisement. They are pre-numbered.

Borough Council amends or deletes provisions of the code through approval of an ordinance. Pending ordinances are posted here until the on line and hard copy versions are updated. Official copies of any piece of legislation should be obtained from the Borough Secretary's Office.

Electronic Codebook

The ordinances of the Borough of Catasauqua, our "laws," are electronically published by General Code Publishers. Having our code available electronically will help anyone researching our ordinances.
The code is updated whenever legislation of great impact or general purpose is adopted, but no less than once a year. Click here to access our electronic code book.  Legislation enacted after the latest update can be found in the e-code, under the NEW LAWS tab on the main page. Current year legislation is listed below. 

If you are researching a section and can't find a particular piece of legislation, printed copies of the code and recent enactments are available at the Borough Office and the Public Library. If using a printed version of the code, make sure it contains the most current update. The latest update is 4/1/2018.  
The code contains the same text as the printed edition. It is updated at least once a year, but may not contain the most recent changes. We recommend you check with the Borough Secretary to determine if a chapter you are interested in has been modified or deleted by recent action of the Council.
Borough Council amends or deletes provisions of the code through approval of an ordinance. Pending ordinances are posted here until the on line and hard copy versions are updated. Official copies of any piece of legislation should be obtained from the Borough Secretary's Office.

Recently Enacted Legislation

With the development of our electronic codebook, we are able to update the codified ordinances much more easily and frequently than in the past. The actual codification is updated at least annually, or more frequently if there is a complex or complicated amendment to an ordinance.   In the interim, approved legislation is posted under the NEW LAWS tab  on the main page of the codification.
Recently enacted but not yet added to the electronic code, and pending, legislation is also posted here.  To view a particular piece of legislation click on the title, While every attempt to ensure accuracy of the legislation posted here is made, they are not "official" copies of the legislation and should be used only with appropriate caution and care. Official copies, if needed, may be obtained from the Borough office for a fee.

Pending Legislation

Also listed here are ordinances and legislative resolutions that Council intends to act upon at their next meeting.  Such legislation is indicated with the prefix "00"  The next numbers and letters designate the meeting month when the legislation is scheduled for action.  For example, 00 06 is pending for action at the June meeting;  00 12SP is scheduled for action at a special meeting in December.


00 08 ORD 1383 Handicap Add Howertown at Mulberry
00 08 ORD 1384 Pineapple One Way School to Race
00 08 ORD 1385 Linden One Way 2nd to Pineapple
00 08 ORD 1386 Trucks Walnut 14th
ORD 1344 Limestone Street No Parking
ORD 1345 Tax Collector Rate of Compensation
ORD 1346 Front Street 2 way change effective date Copy
ORD 1347 Handicap Park Add 746 Front
ORD 1348 Front Street 2 way change to August 2017 effective date
ORD 1349 Union Street No Parking
ORD 1350 Front St All Way Stops Church and Union
ORD 1351 Handicap Park Add 765 Front
ORD 1352 Front St No Park North of Church
ORD 1353 Handicap Park Remove 5 Handicap Spots
Ord 1354 Catty Communication Facilities ZO Ord draft 4 FINAL
ORD 1355 Open and Ordain Bridge St
ORD 1356 Restricted Parking Bridge Street
ORD 1357 Rename a Portion of Bridge Street
ORD 1358 Revise Prohibited Parking Front 2nd Streets
ORD 1359 Handicap Parking Add 617 Front
ORD 1360 Handicap Park Add 617 Front
ORD 1362 TAX Rate for 2018
ORD 1363 Borough Manager Compensation 2018
ORD 1364 Zoning Ordinance amendment Craft Beverage II D2c
Ord 1365 Amend Employee Pension Fund Documents
Ord 1366 Remove Bus Stop Restricted Parking Front 2nd Streets
Ord 1368 72 Hour Parking Church St Sunday Parking
Ord 1369 Remove Handicap Parking 3rd St 128 Wood
Ord 1371 Grease Trap
ORD 1373 Street Repair
ORD 1374 Handicap Park Remove 9 10th Street
Ord 1375 ZO Amend Unified Development D1
ORD 1376 Fire Inspector Final
ORD 1380 CASD Map Amendment D4c
ORD 1381 Boro Mgr Residency
ORD No 1369 Handicap Park Remove 2 Spots
Ord No 1370 Remove Handicap Parking 758 2nd 768 Railroad
Ord No 1377 Fix Tax Rate for 2019
Ord No 1378 Manager Compensation for 2019
Ord No 1379 Establish One Way Streets Tunnel Alley Milton Street
Res 01 17 Police Pen Contributions
Res 01 2018 Police Pen Contributions
Res 02 17 Disposal of Records
Res 02 2018 Disposal of Records
Res 03 17 PennDot to Provide 75 Reimbursment
Res 03 2018 Advertise for Sale of 118 122 Bridge
Res 04 17 Sell Development Tract
Res 05 17 Conditionally Approving Preliminary Final Land Development Plan for Iron Works Bldg
Res 06 17 Submission of CDBG Application
Res 07 17 DCNR Grant Play Climber
Res 07 17 DCNR Grant Play Climber 1
Res 08 17 DCNR Grant Pool Deck
Res 08 17 DCNR Grant Pool WingWall Deck Replacement 1
Res 09 17 Price Adjustment
Res 10 17 Price Adjustment
Res 10 18 Commonwealth Financing Authority Multimodal Grant
Res 11 17 Economic Liquor License
RES 1 2019 Set Employees Contributions Police Pension Fund
Res 12 17 HCPA Grand Opening
Res 12 18 Berkheimer Liaison Gyescek
Res 12 18 Berkheimer Liaison Gyescek 1
Res 13 17 Continuing Education for Elected and Appointed Boards and Copmmissions
Res 14 17 Borough Vehicles Personal Use
Res 15 17 2018 Budget Adoption
Res 15 2018 Fire Inspector Job Description
Res 16 17 Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collector
Res 16 2018 LVPC Hazard Mitigation Adoption
Res 17 17 Senior Citizen Refuse Discount 2018
Res 17 2018 Police Academy Waiver
Res 18 17 Schedule of Fees Charges Water Sewer Rates
Res 19 17 DEP Consent Order Agreement
RES 2 2019 Disposition of Certain Records PHMC
RES 3 2019 Authorizing the Sale of Old Borough Hall
Res 4 2018 Lease Purchase of SCBA Fire Dept
RES 4 2019 Street Light Services Agreement
Res 5 2018 Amending Drug and Alcohol Policy Amendment
RES 5 2019 Authorize RACP Agreement
Res 6 2018 Amend Schedule of Fees After Hours Water Meter
RES 6 2019 Authorizing Advertise Sale of 118 Bridge
Res 7 18 Multimodal Transportation Grant Application
Res 8 18 2018 CDBG Application
RES NO 11 2018 M G Landholding Lotline Adjustment
Res No 18 2018 2019 Budget Adoption
Res No 19 2018 Appt DDA Law as Delinquent Real Estate Tax Collector
Res No 20 2018 Sr Citizen Refuse Discount Assessment Jan 1 2019