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The Borough is regularly required to post various documents and other information on our website.  Posted here are those documents. The number in front of each section correlates to the resources for that section, listed at the bottom of the page.

1   Water Consumer Confidence Reports

Each year, the Borough prepares a report detailing the quality of the drinking water we provide to our customers.  The report is mailed to each property in the Borough - including each unit in apartment buildings - and each nonresident property owner. The Annual Consumer Confidence Report details the quality of the drinking water supplied by the Borough of Catasauqua Waterworks. It includes basic health and other information and the results of sampling taken periodically to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality water possible to our customers.

The report follows a template prepared by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. The basic information does not generally change from year-to-year so the reports look similar. The sampling results section is always updated for each year.  (See link below).

2     Open Records Act

Pursuant to Act 3 on 2008, known as the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, the Borough of Catasauqua has adopted procedures to implement the Open Records Act.

For Open Records please contact:

For non-police related materials, Borough Manager Steve Travers
For police related materials, Police Chief Douglas Kish

Below are the documents relating to the Borough's Open Records Ordinance and Resolution, which together establish the procedure and fees for requesting information. Forms to be used in making requests are also included here. Paper copies of the forms may also be obtained at the Borough Office, 90 Bridge St. Catasauqua, PA 18032 during regular business hours.

3   Act 44 Pension Disclosure Form 

Act 44 established a requirement for the annual disclosure of certain information by every entity which is a party to a professional services contract with one of the pension funds of the Borough of Catasauqua.  Posted below are the required disclosure forms.


4   Nonresidential Sewer User Discharge Notice


Willful Water Pollution Is A Serious Offense And Subject To All Enforcement Options Including Suspension Of Sewer Service, Civil Penalties Of $200.00 to $25,000.00
And Publication Of The Sewer User’s Name & Violations In The Newspaper And
Referral To The EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division for Possible Prosecution.
The Environmental Protection Agency requires the Borough to identify and control sewer users discharging pollutants to the Borough's wastewater treatment plant. To comply with these EPA regulations, the Borough has enacted ordinances requiring discharge permits. The EPA also requires the Borough to take enforcement actions against non-compliant sewer users. For sewer users discharging only domestic wastes, there is no fee for a permit.
To assist the Borough in protecting the treatment plant and the Lehigh Watershed, you are required to fully complete and submit a Part I Watershed Protection Permit Application (and a Part II application as applicable), within  25 days. Please be aware that if a sewer user ignores the mandatory requirements to obtain the proper permits and unauthorized discharges are found by sampling and/or site inspections, escalating enforcement actions will be necessary. These can include Cease and Desist Orders requiring that all discharges be stopped until compliance is achieved; substantial monetary civil penalties and notifying the Environmental Protection Agency for possible further action.
However, instead of immediate strict enforcement, the Borough emphasizes mentoring and compliance assistance and prefers to work cooperatively with non-compliant sewer users that voluntarily contact the Borough about their actual or potential compliance problems. This approach also applies to those who were not previously aware of the mandatory permitting requirements and are submitting applications for the first time. Please note that assistance can only be provided if it does not interfere with or compromise the Borough’s regulatory responsibilities and enforcement authority.
Jeffrey Morgan, Pretreatment Coordinator
Steve Travers, Borough Manager
contact phone: 610-264-0571 - leave message