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General Fees and Charges

The following list covers most fees and charges imposed for services and admissions in the Borough. It is updated by Resolution of Council throughout the year. The schedule's accuracy is reflected on the date listed. When amended, a revised schedule will be posted. This list can be used for general guidance and is usually up-to-date and accurate; however, for official rates contact the Borough office. Download the Fees and Charges Document
The second series of documents posted here address the tapping and connection fees imposed on various types of development or redevelopment in the Borough. Generally, the fees are imposed when new residential or nonresidential units are constructed, additional units (apartments) are added to existing properties, or there is a change in the nonresidential activity, which creates an increase in the load on the water or sewer system. The tapping fee rate schedule is developed after study by the Borough Engineer and established by ordinance. The schedule shown here was adopted by ordinance in 2015.  Download the Tapping Fee Bundle
If you have questions about any of the fees in either document, please contact the Borough office and we will help.

Standard Forms

Many of the forms needed to do business with the Borough are listed here. They can be printed, completed and mailed or dropped off at the office. If fees are required, they must be submitted with the application form.  Questions about the forms and fees may be addressed to the Borough office.
Several of the forms are taken from two sided documents. If there is nothing to fill out on the second sheet, it is not necessary to submit that page. However, all applicants are responsible to know and accept the obligations and responsibilities listed thereon.
At this time, the Borough is unable to accept forms or applications electronically.