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Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month, when there are appeals to be heard. In this area, one can view both the agendas and minutes of the Board. Minutes will be posted here when they are official, after they are approved at the succeeding Zoning Board meeting.

Zoning Board Notices

Notices for upcoming zoning hearings will be posted here when they are prepared, usually two weeks prior to the hearing. Posting here is performed as a courtesy to persons interested in a zoning matter; however, they do not replace the advertising required by law. Failure or delay in posting a hearing notice on this site will not invalidate the Board's action.

Zoning Board Minutes

Minutes of the Zoning Hearing Board are posted to the website after they have been approved, after the next meeting. Since the Board only meets when there are appeals to be heard, sometimes there can be an extended time from the meeting until the minutes are posted.