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Emergency Shelter

Catasauqua Emergency Management

Some emergencies may require that you leave your home and travel to an emergency shelter. The Borough of Catasauqua has a list of shelter sites appropriate for various types of disasters. Local officials through local radio and TV stations, websites or emergency messaging will inform you when sheltering is necessary and which shelters are open. Listen to your local radio station for announcements advising which shelters that are open. All shelters may not be appropriate for all types of emergencies. Some shelters may be damaged or unusable and may not be accessible. The Borough of Catasauqua may also choose to open emergency reception centers until more formal or regional shelters can be established. Accommodations will be made to the best of our ability for those needing additional assistance.

Disaster Shelter Guidelines

If you can, try to seek shelter with friends or relatives outside the affected area.

Borough operated shelters and reception centers can be set up in schools, municipal buildings, churches, recreation areas etc.

Shelters and reception centers provide basic food, medicine and water.

If possible, bring clothing, bedding, bathing and sanitary supplies, special food and prefilled prescriptions and other medications to shelters.

Alcoholic beverages, firearms and illegal substances are not allowed in emergency shelters or reception centers.

Take your Go Bag to the shelter with you.

Cooperate with shelter managers and other people in order to make a difficult situation less stressful.

Remember, shelter sites change based on the emergency, so stay tuned to the local news for more information.

NOTE: You cannot bring pets to shelters. Only service animals are allowed. Announcements will be made if pet-friendly shelters are available and their location.

You will need to register at the shelter or reception center to gain entry.

Remember, conditions at the shelter may be crowded or noisy. Many people there may be experiencing strong emotions due to what they have just experienced. Please be considerate of others at all times.

Attempt to keep the shelter as comfortable and as stress free as possible. Do not expect conditions to be that of a luxury hotel. Shelters are meant to provide basic needs during emergency conditions.