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Catasauqua Emergency Management
The Borough of Catasauqua has numerous mechanisms available to keep you informed of emergency information.

Emergency Alerts

The Borough of Catasauqua operates the Swift 911 program to send messages and dial your phone in the event of an emergency. This system is used for major emergencies that involve immediate and severe threats to life and property. All residents are urged to register for this important service.

Swift 911 Registration

The Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency also uses a program called Nixle to send important emergency information. Typically in an emergency, our Nixle messaging will contain the same information as our Swift 911 system. In addition, our Nixle messaging will provide information on less threatening and non-emergent situation about which you should be informed.

Register for Nixle

View Nixle Messages from the Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency

Emergency Preparedness

The Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency also sends messages via our Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to keep you informed. Our messaging includes not only important emergency information but also timely emergency preparedness tips as well. This is one of our most popular means of passing information along to you.

Follow us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Follow our Emergency Information blog on Tumblr 
Follow our Preparedness information blog on Tumblr 

Also feel free to browse the Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency pages of the Borough of Catasauq􏰆ua’s website. 

Last but not least, in the event a large scale and large duration power outage should occur, the Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency maintains a fleet of bright lime-green colored newspaper boxes that will be distributed to key locations to provide you with free emergency information. These boxes also allow us to target specific neighborhoods with information specific to their needs.

You may also keep abreast of emergency information by listening to local radio and television stations for the latest information. Local Emergency Alerting System (EAS) stations designated for the Lehigh Valley and Catasauqua Area include: WLEV-FM – 100.7 and WAEB-FM – 104.1 . Be sure if you have satellite radio or television you are viewing a local station here in the Catasauqua area or you may not receive the vital information you are listening for.

Feel free to browse the Resources page of our website for additional resources to obtain information.

Remember to use 911 for emergencies only. Keep telephone usage to a minimum during emergencies to keep vital telephone and cell phone lines open for emergency responder use.

Another service provided to you is our 911 Community Registry. This service allows you to register persons or facilities within the Borough of Catasauqua that may need additional assistance in the event of an evacuation. Providing your information to us prior to a disaster will assist us with planning and response during the emergency. Your information will remain confidential and be provided only to emergency responders for planning and response purposes. Although registering for the 911 Community Registry does not guarantee a response or provide you with a priority, registering does allow us to know where you reside and what type of assistance you may need.

Register for 911 Community Registry 

Every home should also be equipped with a NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio. Here in the Catasauqua area, alerts, watches, warnings and forecasts are broadcast from the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly NJ on a frequency of 162.40mhz. If you have a weather radio capable of receiving alerts when a message of severe weather is broadcast for the Lehigh County area, program your radio with a SAME code of 042077.