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Mayor & Council Members


Barbara A. Schlegel
Term expires 2022
The primary responsibility of the Mayor is overseeing the day-to-day operations of the police department. In addition, the mayor has the power to administer oaths in matters pertaining to Borough affairs. 
When necessary to protect the public safety, the mayor can also issue emergency proclamations.  The most common is the snow emergency declaration.

Council Members

Borough Council has the power to enact ordinances and resolutions, authorize expenditures of Borough funds, enter into and ratify contracts and agreements, set the policy and goals for the borough, and all related tasks.

Council, through its committee system, reviews and considers citizen requests and input, plans programs and services for the general welfare and benefit of all residents, and works with the administration to develop recommendations. The committees report to the entire body of Council, which then acts on the recommendation.

Members of Council do not have individual offices in Borough Hall. Mail for each, or all, of them can be addressed to 90 Bridge St. Catasauqua, PA 18032. 

Vincent Smith, Council President
Term expires 2022

VACANT Seat on Council – Term expires 2024

Brian Bartholomew, Chair – Public Works Committee
Term Expires 2024

Eugene Schlegel, Chair – Recreation Committee
Term expires 2024

Debra Mellish, Chair – Planning & Zoning Committee
Term expires 2022

Paul Cmil, Chair – Public Utilities Committee 
Term Expires 2022

Cameron Smith, Chair- General Government Committee
Term Expires 2024