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The Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency in conjunction with the Catasauqua Fire Department coordinates the “Outdoor Siren Warning System”.  These sirens may be used to alert citizens of a major emergency in the area that may require immediate action their part.  The sirens, used when and where possible, may alert residents of the need to evacuate or to shelter-in-place.

A steady three-minute tone indicates that the Outdoor Siren Warning System has been activated to notify and warn citizens that a major emergency exists.  Upon hearing a steady tone siren, citizens should immediately proceed indoors and tune to a local television and radio to learn the details of the emergency and what actions should be taken.

Citizens should be aware that Catasauqua also uses its outdoor siren to alert firefighters to emergency calls.  The tone used to alert firefighters is a wavering three to five-minute tone.  In this situation, no immediate action is required by citizens but please stay alert for responding emergency vehicles.
Fire Call Emergency Sirens
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Other notification methods used to alert residents of emergencies are the Emergency Alerting System (EAS) messages on local radio and television stations, loud speakers on emergency vehicles, specific telephone messages from emergency officials, messages posted to the Catasauqua Emergency Management Agency website and also NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio.  In Catasauqua, you may tune to National Weather Service broadcasts on 162.40mhz and if using a programmable radio, enter a SAME Code of 042077 to be alerted to specific messages for our area.

Only Dial 911 if you need emergency assistance.  Do not dial 911 for information.​

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